I design artwork for apparel such as t-shirts, polos, sweatshirts, and hats! I'll even set up the file for the screen printers to use!

If you are coming from the REID RANCH RESORT website, here is a list of Utah screen print companies that I trust. I recommend you use one of them to print your apparel.
Below are most of the apparel designs I've done in the past. Happy Browsing!

This is the T-Shirt I designed for our annual Moon Family Reunion at Bear Lake this past year.
Everyone LOVED them, and it's fun to see them wearing them afterward. 

This is a tank I designed for the Utah Mini Spirit Team at my other job.
Just another idea for a Keep Calm shirt. Customize the text to fit you and your activity!

Each year of camp needs a fun new shirt to match!
This is a YW Camp shirt I set up for screen print. I LOVE this design.
You could even add come color, or make it white and put it on a colored shirt.

Now, for all the One Tree Hill fans out there...this one is a keeper! #welovekeithscott
When a customer ordered this design, I just had to get one for myself!

I believe this was used for a Girls Camp shirt, but why not use it for the annual family camping trip?
(Don't worry, I can make the text more masculine for the boys in your family)

Kroger is one of our customers at my full-time job, and I designed this logo for some polos a couple
years ago. If you need a shirt designed for a company outing or retreat, look no further!

Shirt for a high school sports team. Tell me your theme or team cheer, and we'll put it on a shirt! 

This is another high school shirt. Davis High School Track & Field Team. I love the
bright white and warm yellow on this navy blue shirt.


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